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Packed enough variation in it it no longer sounds like race around the world. However, without that, it doesn't sound like much at all.

I really like this. It reminds me of Ricochet Love tangentially.

I love the way ambience merges with percussion in this.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

I play drums my main focus is writing percussion and bass lines.
I'm a bass clef note reader drums.
I also know how to read drum notes on sheet of paper so I write the beats from scratch or change the pattern completely to make it unrecognizable.

Usually when you let Race Around The World into anything it takes over, . Oddly, this one manages to find its way back out, at the cost of losing all other direction for the last minute or so.

This is amazing, a smooth blend of your new instrumentals and your old chunky techno.

Steam sale...? You realize Cave Story's free, right?

At first, I hated it.

It's very definitely "experimental" music. The 7:00 transition made me legitimately facepalm -- just when it finally picked a melody and got moving, it hangs itself? Until I realized this is as much story as melody.

The struggle of something to express itself? An idea shaped, reshaped, burned, buried, forgotten, rediscovered, and remade anew? I don't really know, but it makes me feel like I'm nine years old again, when I was playing with tape recorders, speakers, wires, and microphones and discovering a little truth about the 'magic'.

I listened all the way through, no mean feat at 3am on a workday, and now think it's brilliant. Even if not the sort of melody one puts on repeat to get them through the day.

You definitely have put a ton of work into this one. The melody is very intricate with lots of interesting shifts. It reminds me of that ancient DOS game Skyroads.

That's the longest I've heard you noodle around before turning something into Race Around the World again.

Starts well, turns into Race Around The World again around 0:40.

The feedback I'm getting here has inspired me to clean up and post more of my small library of music, which I make as a hobby. So far I'm (de?)composing using old-fashioned tools like FastTracker II. If you know better free tools, I'm all ears!

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